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We can train ANY dog!


Pawsitive Performance K9 is an all-breed professional dog training company serving the Tampa Bay and surrounding areas. We help our customers achieve any dog training goals they may have for their dog. Whether you just need to potty train your puppy, or teach your old dog new tricks, Pawsitive Performance K9 will provide you with the knowledge and tools to reach your goals!

Reliable and Trustworthy


When you live a busy life, it is hard to consistently provide the attention and care that your pets can demand. With years of satisfied owners and loved pets, you can rely on us! 

Next Level Dog Training


We offer much more than a basic introduction to training your dog. Pawsitive Performance K9 will blow your mind with the latest dog training concepts. We stay up to date and constantly pursue a higher education so we can acquire a deeper understanding of dog behavior. 

Unlock your dogs full potential with Pawsitive Performance K9.

Learn how to maximize your dogs motivation!

We train all ages and breeds of dogs.


Working Dogs

Looking for a working dog?

The Kings Kennel located in Holiday, FL has quality working dogs available!

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